.do the work

2019 Do The Work Podcasts

  1. Testing Day
  2. What is the work?
  3. What about leadership?
  4. Continuing Education/Disciple with Kris Emerson 
  5. Why some churches don’t grow
  6. How do we deal with criticism?
  7. What about Digital Evangelism?
  8. What about teaching?
  9. How can I have real friendships and be the preacher?
  10. How can we bring a healthy spiritual balance in our life
  11. What are some pressures on preachers? 
  12. “How to trust God through difficult transitions.”
  13. What about evangelism?
  14. What about finding the right place/person?
  15. Equipping the Saints with Andy Cantrell
  16. Culture’s impact on us today… 
  17. What about building a Library – With Jared Saltz
  18. What about Social/Economic Geography and local churches
  19. What about Marketing with Luke Adams
  20. What about taking off the training wheels
  21. What about shepherding with Max Dawson
  22. Words Fitly Spoken
  23. Adult Bible Classes
  24. Restoration History with Steve Wolfgang
  25. What about Weddings and funerals
  26. What about Wisdom in the work 
  27. What About Admonishing the Unruly”
  28. What about congregate 
  29. What about difficult bible texts
  30. What about Design
  31. What about disagreeing
  32. What’s all this about a preaching plan?
  33. What about Elders pt 1
  34. What about stability and longevity at a local work?
  35. How can we simplify the work of the church?
  36. What about Elders pt 2
  37. What about Elders pt 3
  38. What about the Preacher working with Elders
  39. What about “after the new preacher’s honeymoon is over”
  40. What about Interns