… bio … Phillip W. Martin

Phillip W. Martin was born in San Jose, California to Walter and Kay Martin in September, 1972. His family moved to Pleasanton, California at the age of 5. Due to the influence of a dear friend, Mike Walls, he was able to hear the gospel preached and was converted in 1991, while attending San Jose State University. With the encouragement from the local church, and that of brother Max Crumley Sr., Phillip began to prepare himself to share the Gospel of the Kingdom. Phillip began preaching full-time in 1998, with the North Desoto church of Christ in Stonewall, Louisiana. In May of 1999, he married Jill Oldenkamp, daughter of Gary and Debbie Oldenkamp, then of Sandy, Oregon. They moved back to Oregon where Phillip worked for six years with the Wilsonville church of Christ, as this new congregation’s first full-time evangelist. After 14 years with the Jere Whitson church in Cookeville, TN, he has moved to work with the Eastside church of Christ in Sharpsburg, GA Phillip and Jill have been blessed with three children Jesse Wyatt, Halle Taylor and James Wyatt.


Phillip W. Martin

twitter: @phillipwmartin
random musings @ www.tacticalpreacher.com

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