Creation & Science with Dr. David Bonner

Slide1Please consider the evidence David M. Bonner presents to establish the existence of God, the Bible as the Word of God, and to expose the numerous scientific and Biblical problems with the popular theory of macro evolution. Dr. Bonner is  a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a double major in chemistry and biology, with a special emphasis in evolutionary biology studies. In addition, Dr. Bonner holds a doctorate degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas, as well as two post doctorate degrees. Please join us as this man of faith reveals and refutes the errors of evolutionary science, and shares the positive evidence for God and the Bible.

The Truth about the “house church movement”

Recently the Caneyville church of Christ arranged for brother Connie Adams to preach a series of messages dealing with the “house church movement”. (Which, btw is different than a church meeting in someone’s home).

ConnieConnie W. Adams was born in Hopewell, VA, on September 22, 1930, and preached his first sermon at Pike Road, NC, in 1945. He continued filling preaching appointments through high school years and during four years as a student at Florida College (’48-’53). Connie and his wife Bobby Katherine have eight children between them: he has two sons, Wilson (who preaches in Nashville, TN) and Martin (Air Traffic Controller) and she has six children, three sons and three daughters. Connie’s local work has been done in Lake City, Palmetto, and Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; Bergen, Norway; Newbern, TN; Akron, OH; Louisville, KY. Also, he has preached in Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Philippines. He has done fulltime meeting work since 1975.


Why ministers are breaking down – Batsell Barrett Baxter

An interesting historical look at the work of those who preach the Word.
two quick thoughts:

1. Brother Baxter had such a great grasp of the spoken word, clear diction, great enunciation, pace style, etc. most modern orators would do well to relearn a few things (myself included by spades).

2. The stress and strain on preachers has not changed much. Over the years I have dealt with folks on the edge of suicide, ending their marriage, difficult choices, those steeped in homosexual behavior and anything else in the book and a few things I could say, I WOULD NEVER have expected that. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to not have had to handle that load alone, The Elder’s here take to their work, rough though it may be, with a serious and compassionate heart. My wife is a wonderful helpmeet, and my brethren are willing to do their part.

Who are the Pharisees of this age?

Those who say…

Say “not to kill”, but promote hatred

Say “be faithful to your spouse”, but promote lust

Say “Divorce is okay, just follow the “rules”” but forget that God hate it

Say “Don’t commit Perjury”, but practice dishonesty

Say “I’m just doing what the law allows”, but forgets that it might be “better” to let it go..

Say “A loving God wouldn’t…” but hate those who love God…

Horatio G. Spafford: “It Is Well With My Soul”

One of my all time favorite hymns. With the backstory of the author it really drives home the message of the the prose that is so wonderfully linked to to its melody…

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Last September I called attention here to the Protestant Cemetery on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. Several rather famous persons associated with archaeology and others who took up residence in Jerusalem have been buried there.

There seems to be a great amount of interest in the grave of Horatio Gates Spafford, the author of the well-known hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” Mr. Spafford was a well-known attorney in Chicago, but decided to give up his law practice and become involved in land sales. The great Chicago fire of October, 1871, brought many losses to Spafford.

At the advice of a physician, Spafford decided to take his wife, Anna, and their four little daughters to Europe. Reservations were made on the French ship S. S. Ville du Havre. While awaiting departure, Mr. Spafford received word that the man who was planning to buy a large parcel of land…

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Gospel Meeting with Jesse Flowers, September 2008

So easy, a caveman could do it…

Phillip W. Martin’s lesson from Sunday, January 15th 2012 during the AM service @ the church of Christ meeting at Jere Whitson Road in Cookeville, TN.

Phillip considers the way to bring harmony and unity among believers…