I’ll never be a Paul…

I’ve heard this over the years spoken by believers smothered by their weakness and oppressed by not only the world, by well intended but misguided fellow believers as well.

We are far more like Paul than we ever allow ourselves to realize.

  • When you stand for Christ, despite the sway of your family’s religious history.
  • When you seek to follow Christ, even though you were obstinate and slow to walk with him.
  • When you speak of Christ, even when it feels like you are alone.

At some point we allow the devil to chip away at our faith, lying to ourselves that personal perfection is the goal. It’s not, but in Christ we can be made perfect…

Stop letting your faith be shipwrecked, You are Paul, you are Moses, You are Abraham… they too were just as we are, men. They let their faith in God work with whatever and whomever they were to be whom God needed. So should we.

P.W. Martin

Called to Lead: 26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul, by John MacArthur

Another valuable read, though at times sprinkled with his own denominational leanings. John MacArthur is a noted author and provides a nice counter piece on developing leadership. He pulls away from the common cyclical themes shown in most corporate/business focused works and seeks to present a Biblical model of success. With his emphasis on Paul we can hopefully learn some vital principles to help those who lead, lead well.
available at Amazon: Called to Lead: 26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul

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