God’s Blessing, by A. C. Grider

God Almighty showers many blessings upon us all. Somebody has suggested in a song, that we should “count our many blessings” and “name them one by one.”
But I want to discuss one particular blessing. Hence we have “blessing” (singular) in our heading. The blessing I have in mind is the child or the children who come to bless our homes. I wonder if we are as thankful as we should be for our children. I wonder if we are as conscious of our responsibility, having received a blessing such as this from God, as we should be.
Take a look at that little boy or that little girl—that baby of yours. Isn’t it sweet? Have you thanked God for it often enough? Have you seriously considered your responsibility toward it as a parent? I can think of no responsibility fraught with more serious consequenc-es than having a child to rear.
My child will listen to me talk and will talk like me! My child will watch me walk and will walk like me! My child will watch my life and order his accordingly. My child will be influenced in his thinking by my actions and my thinking!
It is in my power (and it is my duty) to “train up my child in the way he should go.” It is in my power (and it is my duty) to “bring up my child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). What a fearful responsibility! No man can comprehend the far-reaching consequences of a failure on my part to do my duty in this matter.
Suppose I fail to guide that child aright. It will go wrong! It isn’t faithful! It loses its soul! It is my fault! But wait, that isn’t all. That isn’t the half of it Perhaps my child marries and has three children. And all of them are lost! But they too marry and bear children and none of them are Christians. Isn’t if fearful?
But suppose I guide it aright. It is faithful. I see it marry and bring grandchildren into the world. I see them obey. I rest assured that when they marry and bring on the great-grandchildren, they too will obey.
Brethren, let us thank God for the great blessing wherewith He has blessed us—our children. And then, let us in the fear of God, bring these children up as God would have them brought up. Let’s enjoy them

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