Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution, By Paul Earnhart

One of the better reads I found while preparing to present a (soon to be released on-line) series of lessons looking at “the Sermon on the Mount” was an older book, republished for the kindle was Paul Earnhart’s “Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution”. I particularly enjoyed his practical manner and the section where Paul and I obviously disagree as the force or impact of a section of text. from the introduction where he writes: “we have worked a wonder in our times by taking the most revolutionary document in history and turning it into something tame and inconsequential.” 1 , to the closing refrains he challenges your assumptions about a message that is both familiar, but made foreign by thinking to much like the world. Well worth your time.

available on Amazon: Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

1. Earnhart, Paul (2012-04-27). Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution (Kindle Locations 165-166). DeWard Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

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