Are You Getting Enough Exercise?

“About three weeks ago I experienced some lower back problems.  Again!  Since moving I had neglected regular visits to the Chiropractor.  Now I was paying the price.  Fortunately, through the recommendation of a friend I’ve found a good Doctor and am receiving excellent treatments.

But I learned something that surprised me.  I was asked to sit on an exercise ball.  Hold my foot off the ground for 30 seconds.  I could only do it for 5 seconds!  The Doc said the muscles that control my balance were weak.  He pointed out that often when we work-out we think of aerobic exercise or weight training, but neglect the core.  The weakness of those muscles will affect my back!  And have an impact on his adjustments holding.

Think about it.  I knew I had a problem in my lower back, but didn’t realize I had another weakness.  And that was contributing to my back problem.  So now I am doing a whole set of exercises that I’ve neglected for years!”

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