Why ministers are breaking down – Batsell Barrett Baxter

An interesting historical look at the work of those who preach the Word.
two quick thoughts:

1. Brother Baxter had such a great grasp of the spoken word, clear diction, great enunciation, pace style, etc. most modern orators would do well to relearn a few things (myself included by spades).

2. The stress and strain on preachers has not changed much. Over the years I have dealt with folks on the edge of suicide, ending their marriage, difficult choices, those steeped in homosexual behavior and anything else in the book and a few things I could say, I WOULD NEVER have expected that. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to not have had to handle that load alone, The Elder’s here take to their work, rough though it may be, with a serious and compassionate heart. My wife is a wonderful helpmeet, and my brethren are willing to do their part.

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