A Brief Outline of Genesis

The word (toledoth) Meaning: generations, or account provides a useful tool to align the text of Genesis. Within this structure all of these uses of [~toledoth] the text shows what happened next. this allows us to better understand the concepts and context of what each section contained.

  1. Genesis 2:4-4:26, the [~toledoth] of the heavens and the earth;
  2. Genesis 5:1-6:8, the [~toledoth] of Adam;
  3. Genesis 6:9-9:29, the [~toledoth] of Noah;
  4. Genesis 10:1-11:9, the [~toledoth] of the sons of Noah;
  5. Genesis 11:10-26, the [~toledoth] of the sons of Shem;
  6. Genesis 11:27-25:11, the [~toledoth] of Terah;
  7. Genesis 25:12-18, the [~toledoth] of Ishmael;
  8. Genesis 25:19-35:29, the [~toledoth] of Isaac;
  9. Genesis 36:1-37:1, the [~toledoth] of Esau;
  10. Genesis 37:2-50:26, the [~toledoth] of Jacob.

From:  Wilhelm Moller, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Vol. II, (Chicago: Howard-Severance Company, 1916), p. 1202.

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