At Least They’re Going To Church

If we really want to see radical change in our life we need to stop making vain excuses! Thanks for the good thoughts Clay.

Sharing The Good News of The Lord

Have you ever been in a of a conversation with someone who was discussing a friend, family member, or co-worker and all the sin which they are involved in, or all the religious error they are practicing, or all the problems their life consists of, and they end the description by saying, “Well, at least they’re going to church”?[i] Have you ever heard someone say that? Have you ever said that? If the truth be told, I’m confident we’ve all said something to the effect of “well, at least they’re going to church.”

What do we mean when we use that phrase? So often these words follow a description of all the things that are wrong with the other person’s life, or the erroneous doctrines their church teaches. We seem to excuse their sinful behavior as if saying, “Despite all the wrong they are doing in their lives and…

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